worm hole oak entry wall hanger


Another item made for my etsy store. This one features hanging hooks forged from railway lock spikes (the kind that look like an oversized cotter pin) fastened with square headed nails, worm-hole oak for the carcase, and a drawer with a black walnut pull and aromatic cedar sides / back / bottom.


entryhanger2_3 entryhanger2_1entryhanger2_2  entryhanger2_5 entryhanger2_6 entryhanger2_7

wooden baby rattles

made these today for my etsy shop. the darker piece of wood on the turkey leg is from a piece of virgin pine, hundreds of years old. can’t buy wood like that anymore. the rest is reclaimed poplar. they’re both filled with pinto beans in separate cavities for MAXIMUM RATTLE.



leg4 leg3 bone2 bone4

photos for etsy item

entryhangernaturallight entryhangernaturallight_1 entryhangernaturallight_2 entryhangernaturallight_3 entryhangernaturallight_4 entryhangernaturallight_5


entry wall hanger w/ hand forged hooks

managed to get some pictures this evening but they are not etsy worthy. when i get a late morning to take some in full light and add the item to my store i will, but starting a job in charlotte tomorrow will take up most of my daylight hours this week.

the piece is made entirely of reclaimed materials (other people’s scraps). oak hardwood boards were resawn, edge-glued and hand planed, the drawer front and back are poplar from a pallet at a local HVAC supply, and the darker wood on the drawer pull and sides are re-purposed black walnut from my neighbor. the hooks were made from 1/2″ square stock cutoffs from a friend’s project about 10 years ago. no fasteners on any of the joints. the only fasteners are some machine screws holding the hooks on from the back, and four tiny wood screws holding on the wall mount brackets (which were made from a piece of an A/C coil case).

everything is finished with beeswax. including the hooks.

entryhanger_3 entryhanger_5entryhanger_4
i’ll be posting better pictures and a link to the item on etsy soon.

pulling out the forge for some fancy hooks

made some hooks for my latest piece. also a hardy cutter tool. the piece is finished and i’ll be uploading pictures of it and adding it to my etsy store tomorrow.

having planed shavings around from my woodworking projects makes for quick and easy fire starting:blacksmithing1-10-15 blacksmithing1-10-15_3


I set up a temporary anvil stand in my backyard with two 4″x6″ posts set about 6 inches in the dirt and ratchet strapped them together (not a permanent home for my anvil) and ground the surfaces to clean things up. i hadn’t used it in a long time:blacksmithing1-10-15_1

three of the hooks i made for the piece:blacksmithing1-10-15_2

couldn’t help myself; i had some thick square stock in my scrap metal bin and had to make a hardy cutter while i still had the forge hot:

i didn’t take pictures but i also drilled a pritchel hole in my anvil (something i’ve been wanting to do for years). it only took a second to get through the thing. i then made a handy punch that mounts point-up in the pritchel hole but made several ridiculous mistakes. i made the punch out of mild steel, hardened the whole thing at orange heat instead of just the tip, and once it was cool and set in the hole looking great, i gave it a couple of hard taps sideways to straighten a slight tilt. of course the thing snapped right below its shoulder leaving the shank stuck in the pritchel hole, and the rest of it completely useless. i have some spring steel i plan on using tomorrow to make a better version…


oak vanity

recent vanity cabinet build. oak with black walnut corner pieces. will post pictures of it assembled and installed soon.